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Commercial Division

RICHARD GRECO APPRAISALS employs a staff of commercial real estate appraisers and posses expertise in all phases of commercial appraisal, consulting and advisory services. With over 35 years of professional real estate appraisal experience, RICHARD GRECO APPRAISALS has engaged in the valuation of all types of commercial, mixed use residential/commercial, retail, industrial, and special use properties including Church and other religious use properties. In addition, RICHARD GRECO APPRAISALS has been active in assisting clients with court testimony as an expert witness and has testified in federal, state and local courts. RICHARD GRECO APPRAISALS multi-disciplined ethics and integrity policies ensures appraisal and appraisal review confidentiality, quality, objectivity, and consistency.

RICHARD GRECO APPRAISALS  specializes in all types of commercial, retail and industrial properties situated in New York State. Upon special request, RICHARD GRECO APPRAISALS will accept commercial appraisal assignments in other areas of the United States.

RICHARD GRECO APPRAISALS  provides for our clients both narrative and form report writing services of which the intended use of the appraisals are for:
Mortgage Finance Feasibility Studies
Estate Settlement Rental Analysis
Purchase/Sale Decisions Market Surveys
Real Estate Assessment Review Metropolitan Area Surveys
Real Estate Condemnation Zoning Disputes
Real Estate Workouts Matrimonial Property Consultation
Municipal Property Valuation Relocation
General Litigation

The consultation and advisory services division of RICHARD GRECO APPRAISALS  specializes in assessment review and tax appeal work as our primary area of concentration. In addition, our advisory services are also related to corporate relocation/ expansion, site selection, lease analysis, purchase/sale representation, real estate workouts, some business valuation, and feasibility studies.

RICHARD GRECO APPRAISALS  maintains flexibility in order to serve our clients' individual appraisal, consulting and advisory needs whether for existing or proposed ventures, major or smaller properties, complex multiple property assignments, whatever the criteria requires. 

To order a Commercial Appraisal and/or fee quote please call 1-718-518-8588 or fax your order to 718-319-0720.  Otherwise, please use the convenient order form below.

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Richard Greco

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Thank you for your interest in RICHARD GRECO APPRAISALS. We will be pleased to complete your commercial appraisal and/or provide you with a fee quote. Simply complete as much information concerning the commercial property to be appraised and we will respond in a short time. Once again thank you for considering RICHARD GRECO APPRAISALS for all of your appraisal needs.