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June 28th, 2018 11:20 AM


With the surge in property values in the Morris Park, Van Nest, Pelham Gardens, Pelham Parkway communities the question often asked of me as I travel Morris Park Avenue is "What is my property worth?"

If you are a Residential, Commercial, Industrial property owner anywhere in the Bronx and need to know the Fair Market Value of your property, call Richard Greco Appraisals, Inc founded in 1969 at 718-518-8588 or email us at

Present a copy of this post for a 10% discount.

Best regards,

Rich Greco

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TRIPLE NET LEASE, Long term lease terms available. Former Martone Photo Studio of Morris Park Available. Consists of 1344 SF of 1st floor (Street Traffic Area) plus 1000 SF of basement area. Can be divided into 2 offices or retail stores with basement, This location is ideal for a new or existing business wanting to establish a foot hold or expand in the up and coming Morris Park Community with the projected building of the New Metro North Morris Park and Van Nest Train Station. Suitable for Professional Law Office, Bank, Medical, Dental Office. Great local long term tenants of community are Subway Franchise, Patsy's Pizzeria Franchise, Golden Eagle Restaurant, Boutique Cafes. Neighbors include Jacobi and Einstein Hospital and Medical Center. Thinking of a new location for your restaurant then consider a 1344 SF Restaurant with approximately 1000 SF and 1000 SF private party room. Limitless potential exist for this AAA location. 24 Hour showing notice required.  Call Rich Greco 718-518-8588

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RICHARD GRECO REAL ESTATE is pleased to announce the sale of the following properties:

COMMERCIAL WAREHOUSE:  1549 Bassett Avenue, $600,000, Title Passed on September 19, 2014:  Seller Angelo Manfredi, Buyer, New York Plumbing:

Good Luck New York Plumbing;

TWO FAMILY HOME:  1668 Fowler Avenue. $449,000.  The seller was represented by Vincent Buccieri of Today Realty one of the oldest Realty Firms in Morris Park.  The Purchaser was represented by Richard Greco of Richard Greco Real Estate.  Richard has been a Realtor in the Morris Park Community since 1969.  The purchaser is Anthony Bracco, his wife Susan and son Anthony Jr.

Congratulations to Anthony, Susan and Anthony Jr.

We at Richard Greco Real Estate want to thank the Realty firm of Today Realty for their professionalism in this transaction.

RICHARD GRECO REAL ESTATE is owned by Richard Greco owner of Richard Greco Appraisals.

Rich Greco

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Is it a matter of time?  With the proposed Morris Park Metro North Train Station, the surge in property values in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens as well as the shortage of apartment, is Morris Park in a position to benefit from rising property values and benefit from its own surge in property values?

Richard Greco of Richard Greco Appraisals and owner of Richard Greco Real Estate, a Morris Park Real Estate Brokerage Service say YES.

Simply put, there isn't any more property to develop, the only solution is the purchase of older, non-land mark properties, demolition and build new.  Fact is, older homes too will benefit from the demand of reasonably priced homes that are in reach of Middle Class Americans and Morris Parkites.

As an Appraiser, Richard Greco can tell you that atypical 1920 two family home on a 25 x 100 lot in Astoria, Flushing, Crown Heights Brooklyn can command a price of $900,000 to 1.4 Million dollars.

The same home in The Bronx command a sales price of $450,000 to $550,000 practically one half of it counter part in Queens and Brooklyn.

How long will it take for the prices in the Bronx to match the prices in Queens and Brooklyn?  That may never happen.  However, as long as prices continue to rise and supply is low and demand is high, Queens and Brooklyn home prices will continue to surge and so will the prices of homes in the Bronx.

The question now arises.  Should you sell or hold on to the property pending the completion of the Metro North Train Station.  Of course that depends on your financial condition.

Richard Greco, as a Morris Park Real Property Investor can tell you that he will hold onto his Realty Holdings.

To find out what your property is worth now, call Richard Greco at 718-518-8588. 


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September 18th, 2014 9:56 PM

Has your home been appraised only for you to discover the value came in short of the contract sales price or your anticipated for you to successfully refinance your home, condo or coop?

If so, and you have been advised by the lender that you haven't any recourse, then you were given wrong information.

Fact is, you can challenge the value rendered of your property.  In addition, a Federal Law known as Dodd-Frank allows you to order your own appraisal and the lender must notify you of this fact at the time of application.

Want to challenge the appraised value of your home, condo or coop?

For further details, feel free to browse our wen site or call us direct at:



New York State Certified Real Estate Appraisers





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September 18th, 2014 9:50 PM



Richard Greco Appraisals, Inc.

New York State Certified Real Estate Appraiser


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November 1st, 2011 12:16 PM



Visit our real property sales division @



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Find out by calling 718-518-8588:


The Bronx




Orange Counties of New York


Fairfield County, Connectcut

Call 718-518-8588, 914-738-5805, 203-505-3905

for a confidential interview


Rich Greco


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RICHARD GRECO APPRAISALS is pleased to announce the formation of Richard Greco Real Estate Services as outlined as follows:

Observe as this web site, enhanced with prime properties located in the Bronx and Westchester County unfolds.

We are presenting to you, the best of the best.  From Indian Village located in the Morris Park section of The Bronx, to the elegant homes of Pelham Manor, Scarsdale, Bronxville, New Rochelle, Cross River, Larchmont.

LOOKING FOR A HOME.  Then give Richard Greco Real Estate a call at 718-518-8588.

We offer to our clients a full service brokerage firm which includes sales, New York State and Connecticut Certified State Appraisal Services, Full Cellar to Roof Home Inspections, Full Service Property Management including Tenant Background Screening, Eviction Services.  For a confidential interview call our  718-518-8588.  Property taxes too high?  Inquire about our property tax review and appraisal service.  Call 718-518-8588

Our sister website is

Please watch as our fully enhanced real property service division grows.  We look forward to being of service to you.

Watch for our investment properties soon to be posted on our web site at

Need an Appraisal:  CALL 718-518-8588

Need an Investment Property:  CALL 718-8588

Looking for a Home in 10462, 10461, 10803 or any other area in The Bronx or Westchester County?  Call 718-518-8588

Looking forward to assisting you.


Richard Greco


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January 5th, 2009 8:31 PM

Dear Property Owners.  Don't short change your home equity.  If you have financial difficulty in making your mortgage payment, everyone will come out of the wood work and make you offers "you can't refuse."  Don't short change the value of your property.  Before making any deal with anyone have your property appraised to determine it's market value as of the date of the appraisal.  Not a past date, not a future date.  But the day of the appraisal inspection.  Should your property go into pre-foreclosure, have it appraused as soon as possible.  There may be enough equity in your home to offset your mortgage balance.  Depend on no one but your self valuation education.  Protect yourself, get a Certified Real Estate Appraisal.  Do not settle for a Brokers Price Opinion (BPO) or an Automated Appraisal.  Do not be fooled into thinking your property is worth less that it really may be.

For further information on how we can assist you in recovering your rightful equity of your property call RICHARD GRECO APPRAISALS at 718-518-8588.


Thank you,

Rich Greco


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