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As a professional realtor, I am sure you have come across those difficult property owners looking to sell their property but yet, they are behind the times concerning property values. You, as a real estate professional have done all in your power with your arsenal of data to convince the owner of the value of the property.

You have taken every precaution, prepared a CMA, a photo array of comparable sales, but yet, the seller and in a lot of cases the buyers who “make offers below market value” give you the appearance that they are simply wasting your valuable time.

You don’t want to loose the client, but based upon your professional integrity you don’t want to insult the client, whether a seller or a buyer, that they have no clue about “today’s” ever changing property values.

RICHARD GRECO APPRAISALS has structured a Realtor friendly appraisal program designed to assist all three important parties to the real estate transaction, you the Broker/Agent, The Seller and The Buyer realize the present market value of the property being listed or negotiated.

It is often said the best way to convince someone about the value of their property is to have the property appraised by an independent, disinterested third party. RICHARD GRECO APPRAISALS is your ”independent, disinterested third party.” We work for you to help your clients realize market trends and values of today.

Simply put, we will appraise the property to be listed and set a realistic value based upon market trends as of the effective date of our property inspection. As approved FHA and VA appraisers and Home Inspectors, we will provide your client with the following service of your or their choice:

  • Fully Summary Appraisal Report for Conventional, FHA and/or VA Financing

  • Limited and/or Restricted Appraisal Report for Marketing (Listing the Property for Sale or presenting an offer to a seller from your buyer)

  • Combination Basement to Roof full inspection of the property citing items that require repair, replacement, health and safety issues, appraisal underwriting red flags. We all know how the underwriting process has evolved with “underwriters from hell” picking on everything real to imagined. Discounted combination appraisal/home inspection fee applies further discounted by 20% to Brokers and Agents.

  • We provide you and your client with complete real property consulting services so that you can enter and exit the transaction with every path of least resistance.

If you feel that you and your client can benefit from our professional property valuation and condition analysis or from our pre-listing valuation services, to schedule an appointment call:


Are you working with clients for “short sale” transactions? Then give us a call and ask about “Short Sale” Valuation services or Loan Modification Valuation Services.

As a professional courtesy, Realtors are given a 20% discount from our standard appraisal fees. Any seller or buyer of a Realtor/Agent under Exclusive listing Contract will also be granted the 20% Realtor Discount.

Our services are for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Condo, Coop, Vacant Land, Tax Assessment Grievances, Environmental, Physical and External Obsolescence issues.

RICHARD GRECO APPRAISALS looks forward to assisting you and your client successfully market and dispose of their property.

Richard Greco

Real Property Appraiser and Consultants
Appraisals, Appraisal Reviews, Audits and Forensics
2157B Tomlinson Avenuenue
Bronx, New York 10461
718-518-8588 (Office)
718-319-0720 (Fax)

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